100 Most Used English Sentences in Daily Life

  100 Most Used English Sentences in Daily Life

With over 1.5 billion speakers, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 53 countries and is also used as a lingua franca in many other countries. This blog post presents a list of 100 English sentences that are commonly used in daily life.  

 1. Hello. 
2.  Good morning.
      Good afternoon. 
      Good evening. 
      Good night. 
 3.  Goodbye.
      Good day.

4.  How are you?

     How are you doing? 

     How do you do?

     How have you been?

     How about you? 

5.  How’s it going? 

      How are things going? 

      How’s work going? 

      Very good! 

6.  I am fine.       

       I'm fine, thank you. 

       I’m good. 

      I’m good too.   

7.  Nice to meet you. 

      It’s nice to meet you.

      It’s nice to meet you too. 

      Pleased to meet you. 

      It’s a pleasure to meet you. 

      Nice to finally meet you. 

8.  Good to see you. 

      It’s nice to see you. 

      I’m so happy to see you! 

      I’m so glad to see you! 

      Long time no see.

      I’m really happy for you. 

9.  What is your name? 

      My name is…

10. Excuse me. 

       Excuse me, can you help me? 


11. I’m looking for the train station.

       I’m looking for a job. 

12. Can you tell me how to get there? 

       It’s on the left. 

       It’s on the right. 

       It’s straight ahead. 

       It’s a few blocks down. 

13. Can you tell me a story? 

14. Could you please pass me the salt? 

       Can you pass me that document?

       Can you pass me the remote? 

15. Can I have a glass of water? 

       Can I have a glass of water, please? 

       Can I have the bill, please?

       Can I have a receipt, please? 

       Can I have a glass of wine, please? 

       Can I have one? 

16. Can you help me? 

       Can you help me move this furniture? 

        Can you help me with…?

       Can you help me with my luggage?

       Can you help me with this math problem? 

       Could you help me? 

       Could you help me with this? 

17. I need your help. 

       I need help. 

       I need to buy some groceries. 

       I need to call my friend.

       I need to do the laundry. 

       I need to clean my room. 

       I need to go to the bank. 

18. Do you need any help? 

       What do you need? 

       Do you need anything? 

19. Thank you. 

       Thank you so much. 

       Thank you very much. 

       Thanks a lot. 

       Thanks so much.

       Many thanks. 

       Thanks for everything. 

       Thanks for being there for me.

20.You’re welcome. 

21. I’m happy. 

       I’m good. 

       I’m sorry. 

       I’m sad. 

       I’m angry. 

22. I’m  scared. 

       I’m surprised. 

       I’m confused. 

        I’m disappointed. 

23. I'm hungry. 

       I'm thirsty. 

       I'm tired. 

       I'm excited. 

       I'm bored. 

       I am busy.

24. I am a student.

       I am sick. 

25. How old are you? 

       I am 25 years old. 

26. Do you have any children?

       I have two children. 

27. What do you do?

       I work as a doctor.

28. I like to read. 

29. Where are you from? 

       I am from the United States.

30. Where do you live?

31. Yes. 



32. Are you married?

       I am married. 

33. What do you do for a living? 

34. What do you like to do for fun? 

35. Making excuses-1

       I’m not feeling well. 

       I’m not feeling well today. 

       I am feeling tired today. 

       I’m sick. 

35. Making excuses-2

       I’m sorry, I can’t make it. 

       I’m sorry, but I can’t make it to the party tonight.

       I’m sorry, I can’t assist you. 

       I have to work late.

       I’m not sure.

      I don’t know.

36. Giving advice

       You should go to the doctor.

       You should take a break.

       You should relax. 

       You should eat healthy.

       You should exercise.

       You should get enough sleep.

       You should be positive.

37. Expressing gratitude

       Thank you for your help.

       I’m grateful for your help. 

       I’m so grateful. 

       You’re the best.

       I couldn’t have done it without you.

       I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

38. Apologizing 1 

       I’m sorry (I am sorry!). 

       I’m really sorry. 

       I didn’t mean to.

       I do not mean it.

       It was an accident.

38. Apologizing 2 

       Forgive me.

       I hope you can forgive me.

39. Is this your first time here?

40. How was your day? 

       How’s your day been so far?

       How’s your day going so far? 

       How was your weekend? 

      I heard about your recent trip, how was it? 

41. That’s great.

       That’s a great outfit you’re wearing.

42. Have a great day! 

       Have a nice day. 

43. How’s your family? 

       How’s the traffic? 

       How’s your favorite sports team doing?

44. What are you doing?

       What are you doing right now? 

       What are you up to? 

       What are you talking about? 

       What are your plans for the weekend? 

       What are your hobbies? 

45. Where did you get it?

       Did you get it? 

       What did you say? 

       Did you watch the news today? 

       Where did you go on your vacation? 

       Did you miss your bus? 

46. What’s the weather like? 

       What's the weather like today? 

       It's nice weather today. 

       What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow? 

       How’s the weather today? 

47. I love you. 

        I love you, mummy. 

        I love this song. 

       I love to play video games. 

48. I would love to. 

       I would love to have you over for… 

49. I miss you.

50. What do you think? 

       What do you think about it? 

       I think… - ….

51. How do you feel? 

       I feel much better. 

52. Would you like to grab a coffee? 

       Would you like to go out with me? 

       Would you like to join me for a drink?

       Would you like to join me for dinner? 

       Would you like to go for a walk? 

53. What would you like to eat? 

       What would you like to drink? 
       I would like a coffee.
54. Can you repeat that? 
       Can you please explain that again? 
       Can you please repeat that?
       Can you speak slowly? 
       Can you write it down?
       Can you give me directions? 
       Can you take a picture of us? 
55. Can you recommend a good restaurant?

       Can you recommend a good book? 

       Can you recommend a good movie? 

       Can you recommend a good place to visit? 

       Can you recommend a good hotel?

       Can you recommend a good museum? 

       Can you recommend a good beach? 

       Can you recommend a good cafe? 

       Can you recommend a good bookshop?

56. Can you teach me something?

       Can you show me on the map? 

57. Can you lend me that, please? 

       Can you give me a hand? 

       Can you show me how to do this?  

       Can you pick up some milk from the store?          

       Can you lend me a hand? 

58. Can I borrow your pen? 
       Can I try it on? 
       Can I help you?
       Can I ask you something?
59. Where can I find a bank?
       How can I go to the town centre? 
       How can I go to the city? 
       What can I do for you? 
60. That’s very kind of you. 
61. See you later. 
       See you.
       See you tomorrow. 
       See you next time.
       Bye, see you again.
62. Goodbye. 
63. What's new? 
       What's happening? 
64. What time is it? 
65. Where is the bathroom?
       Where is the restroom? 
       Where is the nearest supermarket?
       Excuse me, where is the nearest post office?
66. Do you speak English?
       What language do you speak? 
67. How much does it cost? 
       How much is it? 
68. What's your favorite color? 
       What's your favorite food? 
       What's your favorite movie? 
       What's your favorite sport? 
       What's your favorite book?
       What's your favorite music genre? 
       What's your favorite holiday?
       What's your favorite season? 
       What's your favorite restaurant? 
       What's your favorite TV show? 
       What's your favorite animal? 
       What's your favorite place in the world?
       What's your favorite hobby? 
       What's your favorite drink? 
69. Do you understand me? 
       I don't understand. 
       I don't understand this. 
       I did not understand.
       Yes, I understand. 
70. I'd like to order.
71. Do you like to travel? 
       Do you like to go shopping? 
72. What's the Wi-Fi password? 
       What's your phone number? 
       What's your email address? 
       What’s for dinner?
73. What is your job?
       What is going on?
       What is happening here?
74. Do you have any recommendations? 
       Do you have any siblings?
       Do you have any pets? 
       Do you have any hobbies? 
75. Do you have any plans for the weekend? 
       Do you have any plans for the evening? 
       Do you have any plans for tonight?          
       Do you have any plans for the summer? 
76. Do you accept credit cards?
77. How do you get to the airport? 
       How do you spell that?
       How do you spend your weekends? 
78. Is it on sale? 
79. How long will it take? 
80. What kind of music do you listen to? 
81. Get well soon! 
82. Good luck! 
       Happy holidays! 
83. Take care of yourself. 
      Be careful. 
84. Come with me.
      Will you come with me? 
85. How long will you stay? 
       How long will you stay here? 
86. You’re joking, right? 
       Of course! 
87. I forgot about that.
       I forgot my keys at home. 
88. I want to say something. 
89. What do you want? 
       What do you want to do today?
       What do you want to do?
90. When did you come here? 
       When is the train leaving? 
       When will you come. 
       When should we meet?
91. How does this work? 
92. That’s a great idea! 
       I have no idea.
93. Where are you going?
       I have to go. 
94. Why are you doing this? 
95. This is very easy. 
       This is very difficult. 
96. This is  very important to me. 
97. Have a good day.
       Have a good trip.
       Have a good weekend. 
       Have a good time. 
98. Never forget me. 
       Forget it. 
       Forget about it.
99. You can do it. 
100. I will miss you. 
      Hurry up!
      Hang on.
      Hold on.
      Give me a break.
      Give me a chance.


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